BETTER Mobile Threat Defense Recognized by Gartner

Detect and prevent all future mobile attacks

Real Time Mobile Threat Defense
As corporations are embracing mobility for business, mobile devices are vulnerable to advanced cyber attacks exposing back end systems and corporate mobile data. Better Threat Defense is a lightweight agent that provides continuous monitoring on device. With unique on device remediation, devices can quickly return to normal operation before damage is done. Learn More

Remotely Manage Mobile Devices
Enterprises have deployed mobile devices in the field and need to perform remote diagnosis of the devices before they are shipped for repair. BETTER iOS Configurator provides enterprises a simple and efficient way to control the iOS updates, remotely diagnose the devices, cut shipping cost, and reduce the impact to business. Learn more

App Intelligence
Analyzing app behavior is a crucial step in understanding the risks it introduces to a corporate environment. This process takes time and skills. Using BETTER’s App Analyzer, administrators and developers can find security flaws, data privacy gaps, and generate a risk-based assessment of all behaviors and vulnerabilities before publishing the apps. Learn More

Pegasus Zero-Days Malware: Why Companies Should be Concerned

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Apple has patched three high-severity iOS vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited giving hackers access to stealing confidential messages from a large number of apps, including Gmail, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Dubbed as Pegasus, it exploits three vulnerabilities known as Trident, and together this exploit provides unlimited access to all activity on the device. The sophistication of this attack is very concerning because it takes advantage how integrated mobile devices are in our lives by exploiting the mobile features of always connected (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G), voice communications, camera, email, messaging, GPS, passwords, and contact lists. Read More

The Importance of Mobile Threat Defense

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Mobile is changing the IT security landscape for organizations looking to protect their corporate information. With the proliferation of remote working and BYOD, cyber criminals are increasingly experimenting with mobile operating systems as a new platform for attack. Recent attacks targeting iOS were XcodeGhost and YiSpecter, and targeting Android were StageFright and Quadrooter. Currently, the go-to for mobile security is Mobile Device Management (MDM), however, MDM is not enough to protect your corporate data and mitigate risk. MDM focuses more on device configuration meaning it can configure policies to enforce security, but the technology itself generally lacks the advanced security features that are required to proactively tackle mobile threats in this increasingly complex environment.

In order to mitigate these advanced mobile risks, Gartner has published its “Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions.” Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solutions “protect mobile platforms by addressing threats to devices, OSs, networks and apps.” Read More

Protection from Advanced Mobile Threats – “Quadrooter” is Android’s Latest Security Scare

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900 million Android devices are deemed a high security risk by the discovery of “Quadrooter”, a mobile security flaw in all Android phones and tablets with a Qualcomm chipset. Quadrooter originates in a set of four vulnerabilities affecting Android devices with the Qualcomm chip. If any of these vulnerabilities are exploited, the attacker would be able to gain root privileges into the device and have complete access. Quadrooter could provide the hacker with access to keylogging, location tracking, and recording messages, even worse, unrestricted privileges to enterprise data.

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Gartner recognizes mobile threat defense – “Where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

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With the growth of enterprise mobility, CISOs are faced with the task if EMM alone is enough to safeguard their company data from the increasing risk of mobile attacks. For many companies, EMM translates to Mobile Device Management. There is an underlying misconception that EMM means mobile security, but as Gartner has recently defined in their updated research “How to Go Beyond EMM to Ensure Secure Enterprise Mobility”, EMM is just part of the approach to securing mobile devices. Read More