Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find Better Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) on Appstore and Playstore?

What kind of permission did you need to get from Apple in order for Better Mobile to be in their store? Do you use a standard API or other private or undocumented API?

Our app uses standard APIs approved by Apple and Google and this has enabled us to get approval by both Apple and Google to be included in their app stores. 

How does Better Mobile comply with user privacy and GDPR?

We designed our technology to detect threats without infringing on privacy. We combine on-device detection and cloud based predictive models. In all conditions, private information is never sent from the device to our cloud servers. 

Does Better Mobile use cloud gateway or vpn to protect BYOD devices?

We do not use cloud gateway or vpn to protect devices. Our unique technology does the protection on the device unlike other MTD vendors who leverage VPN for remediation.